I’ve been using all the products for the last week and I love them! My skin was so dry after the cold weather working in London. My skin has never been this soft or felt so clean. The body wash cleans and leaves my skin fresh - better than anything I’ve used. I like the texture of the moisturiser and that it is absorbed by my skin fairly quickly so it doesn’t end up on my clothes. I like that it’s not thick or oily. The scrub made my skin instantly softer after the first use. It felt like it had removed all the dead dry skin. The body mud mask doesn’t feel like it’s drying the skin out while it’s on. It left my skin feeling fresh and like it had had a deep clean.

Monique. A,  Melbourne Australia


The scrub is amazing. I am a big user of scrubs and this one is really good. I suffer from Keratosis Pilaris (small bumps all over the top of my arms) and my arms felt so smooth after using the seaweed body scrub. My skin was not irritated or “scratched” like it can be with other scrubs. I have used it three times now and I am really happy. Smells very fresh and invigorating.

Paula. M, Sydney Australia


The body wash smells so good (I could drink it!). I did not need to use much product and it glided over my skin so easily. I was surprised how a body wash could leave my skin feeling so soft. After using this for a week I have realised how much my other body wash was stripping and drying my skin out. I wish it came in a bigger bottle.

Therese. D, Sydney Australia


I used the body mud mask this morning and let it dry, then washed off and now it feels amazing!! I’m going to need more!!

Kate. R, Townsville Australia