Seaweed Skincare

Seaweed’s incredible skincare secrets have long been revered. For centuries, Gaelic and Nordic people have harvested and bathed in seaweed, using these water-born plants for their natural healing powers and miraculous ability to draw toxins from their environment.

All over the world, cosmetic scientists are now harnessing this highly efficacious ingredient to preserve and restore the skin.

Key benefits to be displayed visually (with images):

Healing and hydrating: With essential fatty acids and vitamin E, seaweed can hydrate even the driest, most sensitive and eczema prone skin; and it’s naturally occurring humectants prevent skin from losing moisture.

Naturally antibacterial and cleansing: In its natural environment, algae acts as the ocean’s filtration system. And its purpose is no different in skincare; coveted for its potent detoxifying powers that rid skin of built-up toxins, dirt and grime.

Deeply nourishing and plumping: The high levels of amino acids found in seaweed fortify your skin against the ageing process, working to plump up your complexion and smooth fine lines.

Restoring and regenerating: Seaweed extract has the ability to reverse skin cell damage, prevent scar tissue forming, reduce oxidative stress and restore the cell membrane structure.

Fresh and pure: 100% natural seaweed extract leaves your skin more luminous, firmer and more protected from damaging free-radicals.