Macadamia Oil: The Unsung Hero of Skin Regeneration

macadamia nuts collect on a table after being picked from macadamia trees

Image sourced from aginnovators

Macadamia Oil is the oil derived from the nut produced by the macadamia tree which is indigenous to Australia.

Macadamia Oil contains high levels of Squalene and Palmitoleic Acid which are extremely beneficial for your skin.

What is Squalene?

Squalene is a natural antioxidant that assists to protect your skin from free radical skin damage that can cause fine lines, spots and wrinkles associated with ageing.

Squalene protects the collagen and elastin within your skin ensuring that your skin keeps it's youthfulness and appears supple.

As you age your skin produces less collagen and elastin so supplementing your skin with Squalene (found in macadamia oil) will assist your skin to maintain collagen and elastin production.

What is Palmitoleic Acid?

Palmitoleic Acid is found naturally in your skin. As you age the levels of Palmitoleic acid found in your skin decreases dramatically.

Macadamia Oil has high levels of Palmitoleic acid (more than any other plant oil). When applied to your skin it will assist with cell regeneration and protect your skin from the signs of ageing.

Macadamia Oil is very suitable for sensitive skin and unlike other oils it does not leave a thick residue on your skin. Macadamia Oil is quickly and easily absorbed by your skin.

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