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12 Benefits of Thalassotherapy for Your Skin

What is Thalassotherapy? Thalassotherapy, is a curative therapy (originated in the 19th Century France from the Greek - “Thalassa” meaning sea, “therapeia” meaning healing) that focuses on seawater to cure a variety of health ailments including skin conditions. This therapy encompasses treatments using seawater, seaweed and sea mud - basically any substances from the sea. 12 Benefits of Thalassotherapy for Your Skin: Nourishes and hydrates your skin Increases blood circulation to your skin Reduces the appearance of ageing and skin imperfections Leaves your skin looking supple and smooth Helps your body to generate new skin cells faster Gently exfoliates your skin Increases oxygen supply to your skin cells Increases firmness in connective tissues Detoxifies your skin Purifies your skin Antibacterial properties...

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