3 Key Skincare Benefits of Potassium

blue sea, blue skies, white sands and seaweed on the shore of an Australian beach

Seaweed is rich in potassium. Potassium effectively promotes cell integrity by maintaining fluids and electrolytes, which in turn will keep your skin cells hydrated and your skin moisturised. You can keep your skin hydrated with our nourishing seaweed body moisturiser!

Many people suffer from dry skin and other skin disorders on their body due to a deficiency of potassium.

An excellent way to ensure your skin is getting the potassium it needs to stay hydrated and moisturised is to regularly use a seaweed based body skincare range.

Seaweed supports the growth of new skin cells leaving the skin more elasticated and supple, reducing the appearance of ageing and skin imperfections, such as cellulite and dermal discolouration.

Seaweed really is nature’s superior ingredient!

3 Key Skincare Benefits of Potassium:

1. Leaves the skin hydrated, elasticated and supple 

2. Reduces the appearance of ageing 

3. Reduces skin imperfections such as cellulite and dermal discolouration