9 Reasons Why Jojoba Oil Is a Key Ingredient in Our Seaweed Body Moisturiser!

A close up of jojoba oil in a glass jar

Jojoba oil is extracted from the seed of the Simmondsia Chinenis plant. The Simmondsia Chinenis seed contains wax ester which resembles the sebum in your skin assisting your skin to absorb the oil at a deeper level.

Rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids Jojoba Oil makes the perfect accompaniment to Seaweed, hence why we selected Australian Jojoba Oil for our Seaweed Body Moisturiser.

9 Reasons Why Jojoba Oil Is a Key Ingredient in Our Seaweed Body Moisturiser:

  1. Australian Jojoba Oil assists your skin to regenerate and repair skin cells
  2. Australian Jojoba Oil is highly absorbent, penetrating your skin faster and deeper
  3. Australian Jojoba Oil contains antioxidants that assist to prevent premature ageing of your skin
  4. Australian Jojoba Oil is suitable for sensitive skin
  5. Australian Jojoba Oil reduces the appearance of dry dull skin , leaving your skin looking supple and glowing
  6. Australian Jojoba Oil contains anti-inflammatory properties to assist to reduce redness and calm your skin
  7. Australian Jojoba Oil balances the oil that is produced by your skin
  8. Australian Jojoba Oil contains antibacterial properties that assist to promote healing of acne and other skin blemishes
  9. Australian Jojoba Oil is non-greasy, meaning your skin is left smooth, but also grease free

    Experience the healing and regenerating effects of Australian Jojoba Oil for yourself - order our Seaweed Body Moisturiser today!

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