3 Key Reasons to give yourself a BACIAL every week

The best way to ensure you have beautiful healthy glowing skin on your back is to routinely give yourself a BACIAL (facial for the back). The three key reasons to give yourself a BACIAL each week are:

 1. EXFOLIATION: Applying a Seaweed Body Scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells due to the abrasive properties as well as the high levels of calcium contained in seaweed which assists your body to gently shed dead skin cells and provides nutrient rich mineral supplementation. Exfoliation of dead skin cells leaves the skin smooth, glowing and radiant. Exfoliate your back with our Seaweed Body Scrub

 2. DETOXIFICATION: Applying a Seaweed Body Mud Mask to your back will absorb all the dirt and oil that may be present in your pores. This can unblock pores and prevent blemishes from occurring. The high levels of magnesium and calcium contained in seaweed also promotes decongestion and the extraction of toxins. Detoxify your back with our Seaweed Body Mud Mask

 3. NUTRIENT SUPPLEMENTATION: Applying a Seaweed Body Mud Mask provides numerous amounts of nutrients and minerals to your skin that your cells can utilize to stay healthy. Seaweed benefits your skin during detoxification by supplementing your skin with the much needed minerals; potassium and iodine. Your skin needs potassium as it protects skin cell integrity therefore keeping your skin hydrated and moisturised. Iodine is a natural antibacterial and research shows it accelerates skin repair and rejuvenation. After exfoliation and detoxification supplement your skin with additional nutrients with our Seaweed Body Moisturiser



Step 1: Exfoliate the whole back, shoulders and upper arms with our Seaweed Body Scrub . Massage the Seaweed Body Scrub into damp skin in circular motions to gently remove dead skin, focusing on dry and/or problem blemished areas. Rinse away with warm water.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of our Seaweed Body Mud Mask  to the whole back, shoulders and upper arms. Allow to sit for approximately 10 minutes, or until mask begins to dry. Rinse away in the shower. 

Step 3. Apply our Seaweed Body Moisturiser to the whole back, shoulders and upper arms liberally and blend into the skin.